Frequently asked questions

Week of Wheeling

What are the minimum requirements?

35" tires with a spare secure battery hold down functional parking brake lockers front and rear winch and recovery equipment tow points on your rig fire extinguisher CB radio trail spill kit HI-lift jack tire repair kit spare parts, (u-joints, axle shafts, etc.) Break down items; orange triangle, safety vest, flares, etc. Vehicle must be self sufficient and able to drive at least 150 miles between fuel stops Vehicle must be street legal, insured, and have a licensed driver There will be a tech inspection, to determine if you have met all obligations.

When is the Event?

The main event is in the fall, dates will be added later, and a second event may be in the works for the spring stay tuned.

How do I go on this adventure?

Fill out an application telling us about your vehicle, and why you are awesome, we will pick up to 20 participants (plus co drivers) to go.

Where does it take place?

The event changes yearly but is usually throughout the Appalachian region. We have traversed Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina, an Georgia and we have many more in the works. We usually set up a trailer drop point, since people come from all over. From there you will be given a starting point to meet at. From then on the itenerary is secret.

Important Information:

Check here for updates, fee information, dates, etc.

Winter Games

When is this event?

Usually in the end of February but always check the Forum for the lates updates.

Do I have to camp? or can I get my own lodging?

The event will be at a campground, with bathrooms. You can bring a tent, a camper or an RV! Ticket prices do include camping, but if you prefer to get your own lodging somewhere else you may. ( just make sure you are at the campground at the appropriate times)

What are the vehicle requirements?

minimum of 33" tires must have a winch must have a spare tire must have a CB radio to communicate with your team. *it is recomended, to have your own recovery gear as well as a hi-lift jack.

Will we need extra fuel cans?

No you should be able to fuel up everyday.

Does my rig have to be street legal?

yes, since there are on road and offroad sections, everyone must have a licensed and street legal rig.

I was invited but my rig is broken, can I bring someone elses rig, or ride with them?


Do I have to be there on Thursday night?

No, but it is highly recomended, the event starts early on Friday morning (no exceptions)

Can we wheel at night to get strategies?

yes you can wheel at night if its legal where we are, but no points will be awarded for after dark activities!

How do we score points?

By completing trails, obstacles, finding points of interest, and documenting them with team pictures.

Can we use maps, GPS, or google earth?


As a team? How do we get the most points?

Have a strategy, be smarter than the other teams!

Is this a Family friendly event?

NO, this is an adults only event 18 and over please.

What do we win?

Bragging rights, and stuff!

What if I have other questions?

use the contact form, and shoot us an e-mail.

What are pro teams?

The pro team option is new this year, it is for clubs that want to get together and compete as a club, or for groups of friends that want to ride together. as picking your own team does create an advantage, the price is a little higher than the blind draw registration, it is for 5-8 rigs and up to 16 people. if you have a full team it imarginally more expensive than the blind draw.

What if I do not have enough people for a pro team?

The blind draw is still the best value, and open to anyone to register, as long as their vehicle meets the minimum specs.

Summer Games

When is this event?

This event is usually at the end of the Spring before the Summer Heat kicks in, be sure to check the Forum for updates and registration information.

Where will this event be held?

The first Summer Games was in Slade, KY but only time will tell where this next one will be held.

Is it the same as the Winter Games?

No, you will be in the woods but other than that, its a completely different format, the camping, competing and fun will be exactly the same, the weather will hopefully be a little better!

Do we have to stay at the campground?

For the Summer Games as of right now we do ask that you camp with us. We try to keep everyone together for the sake of camraderrie, and team strategies, but we will consider the options in the future.

Will there be pro teams for the Summer Games?

As of right now probably not but we will see as the event progresses.

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